Dynamic Multilingual Solutions

What they're saying...

"I loved the information that suggested how to do certain responses to specific comments!"

"It was a great and very informing session that deals with real life situations. It empowered me to be an ally for those around me including my students. Thank you!"

"The inclusive language allowed me to feel more comfortable."

"Loved your energy and passion."

"Everything, it was perfect."

"Presentation was AMAZING."

"Thank you for the disclaimer about your Spanish accent."

"Thank you for being present and advocating for the community."

"Great positive presenters! Love the bilingual presentation."

"What worked for me was how to respond to certain statements."

"We need more presentations like this at conferences."

"Thank you for providing such a safe and inclusive space for discussion and learning."

"Thank you for the courage required to present this session!"






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Why we do what we do...

The most rewarding part of Dual Language Education, for us, is not diminishing native Spanish-speakers' first language. We are uplifting not only the language, but the culture.

The most challenging part is having equitable resources available to provide the best education for our students.

We hope to see Dual Language Education evolve over the next five years by becoming more of the norm and not the exception. In ten years, we hope that our country has more DLE opportunities for every child!

Serena Keeney-Horsch

Education: Occidental College, BA in Spanish Language and Literature
George Washington University, MA in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Bilingual Special Education
McDaniel College, Graduate Certificate in Administration and Supervision

Experience: Second grade teacher, Kindergarten teacher, first grade teacher, ESOL teacher, Dual Language Instructional Coach, focus teacher, third grade teacher, prek teacher, Spanish tutor, supervisor of student teachers for American university, adjunct professor at Notre Dame of Maryland, Faculty Instructor at Moreland University

Deirdre Beet

Education: Shepherd University, BA in Elementary Education, Walden University, MS in Elementary
Reading and Mathematics

Experience: kindergarten teacher, third grade teacher, first grade teacher, first grade Dual Language teacher, Dual Language Enrichment Coach

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